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HappyModel ExpressLRS module ES900TX/ES900RX 915MHz Long Range Combo Kit

New ES900TX module coming with a 2006 Fan, it would working automatically when the TX power is 250mw.
the case is injection moulded that is included - also the receivers have been updated from the dev's feedback !
even better than what's in the video

Source on GitHub
ExpressLRS community:ExpressLRS – High Performance Radio Control Link

As ExpressLRS firmware is constantly being improved and updated, we strongly recommend that you use the ExpressLRS configurator update firmware to get the best experience

New version ES900TX and ES900RX kit Package include:
ES900 TX module x1(868MHz or 915MHz optional)
ES900 RX module x1(868MHz or 915MHz optional)
TX antenna x1(868MHz or 915MHz optional)
RX antenna x2(868MHz or 915MHz optional)
Molding JR Bay mounted case for TX module x1
Heat sink x1
Adapter wire x1
2006 Fan x1

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